Cafe Lola History


Café Lola was supposed to open its doors the day hurricane Lili hit (2002).  Instead of opening our doors to the public, we fed (with the help of portable generators) the National Guard and the out of town utility workers for almost 2 weeks as they helped with the clean up in the Acadiana area.    Our 5 year anniversary is October 14, 2007.  

It is quite the family operation.  Mark Balser is the chef/owner.  His dad goes by the nickname of Fred X.  Fred not only does deliveries but is also the café‘s “good will ambassador”.   Customers love to see him coming in his brightly colored jumpsuits and pulling his wagon throughout the Oil Center.  Mark’s wife, Jill helps out anywhere that she can…serving customers, making deliveries, marketing, administrative duties, etc.  His Mom helps with the bookkeeping.   Mark has been in the restaurant/catering business for 20 years starting right after college.  He also comes from a family that has been in the restaurant business for even longer.  His brother currently operates a catering company in Scott.

Fast casual would describe the look and feel of the Art Deco appointed café.  It has a friendly, cheerful atmosphere with Art deco posters on the walls and checkerboard tile floors.  The food is exceptional with great attention to detail.
    The menu offers a wealth of soups, salads, sandwiches and wraps.  All of the     soups are homemade, the salads are some of the most creative you’ll find     anywhere and the bread for the sandwiches is baked fresh every morning.           -----  Judy Johnson, Times of Acadiana.

Why Lola?
It is actually jill’s grandmother’s name.  She still lives a very active life at 97 and lives in Cordell, Oklahoma.  There is a picture of her from the 1920’s hanging right over the cash register - keeping a watchful eye over the entire operation.

We are only open for lunch, Monday thru Friday from 10:30 - 2:00 pm.  But don’t be surprised if you come at 1:00 pm and find we are out of soup.  It goes fast because it is so good!  Mark makes the same amount everyday.  Some days it is out by noon and some days he has some leftover!